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The Wichita Police Foundation is spreading kindness and creating community connections through a new program, Random Acts of Kindness. The program, funded and managed by Wichita Police Foundation, is committed to providing essential home and quality of life items to individuals and families in need while forging positive relationships between Wichita police officers and the community.

Being first responders, Wichita's police officers have seen a significant increase with people in need; particularly single parent households. With these needs weighing heavily on the minds of Wichita's police officers, the Wichita Police Department (WPD) turned to the Wichita Police Foundation to help those who are down and out.

A program was needed that would give hope to those experiencing financial hardship and increase positive interactions between law enforcement and citizens. In response to the need, the Wichita Police Foundation (WPF) created Random Acts of Kindness. Now, as Wichita's police officers come across a single parent or family experiencing financial hardship, WPF's Random Acts of Kindness program provides a way for Wichita's police officers to help.

All Random Acts of Kindness referrals come directly from Wichita's police officers. The applications process is not open to the public. This allows police officers to be engaged with citizens from beginning to end. Applications are submitted by WPD from each patrol station to the Wichita Police Foundation once a month, then evaluated by a review committee. The committee consists of four WPD community police officers, one WPD detective, and two members of the Wichita Police Foundation.

WPF's goal is to keep the program funded year round, fulfilling 2 to 4 Random Acts of Kindness each month. WPD police officers will be able to submit new referrals to the Random Acts of Kindness review committee each month.

Help spread kindness. Donate now.  Every dollar supports our mission to make Wichita a better and safer city. Together, we can build positive police-community relationships one random act of kindness at a time.  

Our Mission:

Wichita Police Foundation: Making Wichita a better and safer city by meeting the essential and evolving needs of the WPD.

​Budgets for public safety are planned well in advance each year. Technological advances and demands for new training can occur quite rapidly. Your donation will help ensure our officers will receive the most up to date equipment, training and resources available to keep our city safe.

Your donation to the Wichita Police Foundation is tax deductible.  As a public charity, the Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code  (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. The Foundation also is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under IRC Sections 2055, 2106, or 2522.

E-BIKES pOWERING CONNECTIONS​ - $20,500  *New Initiative!

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Chief Gordon Ramsay shared, "We are working on getting our officers on bikes and interacting with the public as much as possible. Due to Wichita’s geographical size and our staffing limitations, it is difficult to have officers on bike patrol. With electric bikes, officers can still get out from the car and interact with the public but can move quicker in case of emergencies. We would like to build a fleet of electric bikes."  

Q & A with Sgt. Gulliver, WPD Broadway Corridor Team Commander

Q: How will additional electric bikes help WPD?
A: The electric bikes have increased the team’s ability to respond to calls more quickly and further away. The team is also able to be more efficient in wind and when riding up hills.

Q: How will electric bikes helped with police-community interaction?
A: While patrolling on bikes, I have noticed the team is much more accessible to the community. We are often flagged down by citizens with concerns and citizens with questions as we ride through neighborhoods.

“It is much easier to contact us as we ride by at 10 miles per hour on our bikes as opposed to 30 miles per hour in a patrol vehicle. I feel the bicycles have made us much more approachable to children in the areas we patrol. We often encounter children waving and approaching us for police stickers and cards.”

Random Acts of Kindness​ - New Program! 

how you can help make a difference:

To make Wichita a better and safer city, the Wichita Police Foundation is seeking financial support to purchase 4 electric bikes equipped with essential bicycle patrol gear for the Wichita Police Department (WPD).