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  • The Wichita Police Foundation (WPF), the Wichita Police Department (WPD), AT&T and Target will team up to hold the inaugural “Shop With A Cop” event.

    Youth ages 7-18 will be selected by WPD to shop at Target to purchase gifts for members of their immediate family and a gift for themselves. Each child will be given an amount of money, depending on the size of the child’s family. The child will be assigned to a Wichita police officer who will accompany the child around the store and help select appropriate gifts.
    This is a great way to bring some joy into the holiday season, to teach young people the importance of giving, and for the child to get to know one of our local police officers.
    Once gifts have been purchased, participants will enjoy cocoa, visit with santa and help wrap their gifts, all while getting to know some of Wichita’s finest!

    To register for this event you must be referred by a member of the wpd.

    we are not taking public submissions at this time.


    we are currently seeking donations for this event. our goal is to make this a yearly event that encourages positive interactions between the wichita police department and the community they serve through a variety of enriching activities

    to help an underserved child click here

  • WPF's Mission + Vision

    Making Wichita a better and safer city
    by meeting the police department's essential and evolving needs.


    Strengthening the community's
    bond with our police.


    No need left unmet.


    Serving Wichita's
    citizens, businesses, and visitors.

  • Wichita Police Foundation Initiatives

    Building police community relationships, providing equipment, training,

    and technology to improve the safety of WPD officers and our community.

    Random Acts of Kindness

    Random Acts of Kindness is aimed at providing essential home and quality-of-life items to people and families in need, while building positive relationships between law enforcement and the community. Random Act of Kindness referrals come from Wichita's police officers and Community Support Specialists.

    E-bikes Powering Connections

    To make Wichita a better and safer city, the Wichita Police Foundation is seeking financial support to purchase 4 electric bikes equipped with essential bicycle patrol gear for the Wichita Police Department. E-bikes will enable the WPD to increase positive connections between Wichita’s police officers and citizens and assist in combating crime.

    Eyes On The River

    To make our riverfront safer and more inviting for citizens, visitors, and businesses, the Wichita Police Foundation is seeking financial support to expand the Wichita Police Department’s existing camera system to cover 2.3 miles of riverfront and riverfront walking paths from the Keeper of the Plains to south of the Harry Street bridge.

    The implementation of this technology makes it possible for the Wichita Police Department to:

    · More rapidly deploy resources and target the deployment of resources to a more precise location. This means that one officer monitoring a camera is the equivalent of multiple officers on the ground.

    · Monitor all directions of travel coming in and out of the area.

    · Provide descriptions of suspects to the responding officer.

    · Collect footage to assist with investigations.

    · Provide footage as evidence for cases.

  • Horses For Heroes

    The Wichita Police Foundation funded two new and needed Clydesdale horses for the Wichita Police Mounted Unit. One

    Clydesdale can perform the crowd control of 15 officers on foot.


    We also supplied 16 saddle pads, 32 reflective leg wraps, and 16 reflective chest collar covers for the entire mounted unit. This new gear and tack makes the unit horses and officers more visible, safe, and secure on patrol.


    In addition, the Wichita Police Foundation was able to secure donations for ten new helmets - enhancing safety for the officers and the public.


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  • Get Involved

    The Wichita Police Foundation is a community based nonprofit organization focused on building relationships between our police department and community. Our mission is to improve collaboration and overall public safety through police-community relationships by funding programs, events and items that will allow the Wichita Police Department to operate more efficiently, enhance public safety and engage the community.

    Engaging our community. Supporting our officers. Strengthening Wichita.


    We need the help of everyone “invested” in the public safety of the city to keep moving forward. You can make a difference today! Partner with us to engage our community, support our officers, and strengthen Wichita by:

    Donating to the Wichita Police Foundation as generously as you can.

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    Meet WPF's team — Working together for Wichita's continued growth
    as a safe and friendly city that is good for people, business, and life!

    Jennifer Clark

    Executive Director

    Jennifer Clark is a graduate of San Diego State University and has called the Wichita area home with her proud police family for more than 21 years.

    With over two decades of leadership experience, she has spent her career working with local organizations in the public and non-profit sectors while focused on improving the quality of life and services to Kansas communities.

    Jennifer joined the Wichita Police Foundation team in April of 2021.


    Harvey Sorensen

    Senior Partner, Foulston Siefken LLP
    WPF Chairman of the Board

    Larry Weber

    Vice President, Garvey Center
    WPF Governance Committee Chair

    Shayna Lane

    Manager, Criser, Gough, and Parrish
    WPF Treasurer

    Tyler Fee

    Risk Advisor, Fee Insurance
    WPF Engagement Committee Chair

    John Rolfe

    President and CEO,

    Greater Wichita Chamber of Commerce

    Joseph Tex Dozier

    Principal, JTD Strategies
    WPF Marketing Committee Chair

    Brian Carduff

    President, Baysinger Police Supply
    WPF Events Committee Co-Chair

    Lavonta Williams

    Former Wichita City Councilwoman

    Dr. Pat Do

    Founder, Mid-America Orthopedics
    WPF Events Committee Co-Chair

    Dr. Michael Birzer

    Professor & University Leadership Fellow, WSU School of Criminal Justice

    Clint Cornejo

    Owner, Allmetal Recycling


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